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GP Consultations

with Practice Nurse Support

Our mission is to help you nurture your best health so that you can live your best life.

Our doctors have extensive clinical experience in a range of specialty areas of interest. Together with our nursing staff, our clinical team will help you formulate a treatment plan best suited to you. Our clinical team take a patient-centered approach to their care to ensure that your needs and opinions are heard and addressed.


- Conception and Early Pregnancy Management

- Chronic Disease Management 

- Child & Family Health

- Childhood and Adult Immunisations

- Cryotherapy for warts (fees apply)

- Flu and COVID-19 vaccination

- Geriatric Health (monthly bulk-billed Geriatrician appointments available)

- Mental Health 

- Minor Surgery (fees apply)

- Wound Management (fees apply)

- Preventive Health

- Women's Health and Contraception

- Worker's Compensation (fees apply)


If you are attending for ONLY a COVID-19 vaccination or flu vaccination, your consult will be bulk-billed. Please note, a $20 flat fee applies to per private flu vaccine (if you are not eligible for the state-funded free flu shots). 

These groups are eligible for the NSW state-funded free flu shots:

- Children aged under 5 years old 

- Adults aged 65 and over 

- Pregnant women 

- Adults with a chronic disease (e.g. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Severe Respiratory Disease, Cancer with current treatment)


You MUST book an appointment with the doctor for all your medical needs. This includes all specialists, imaging and pathology referrals, once-off and repeat prescriptions. We DO NOT provide any prescriptions or referrals without a GP appointment.


Unless you have an active COVID-19 infection, we encourage patients to attend face-to-face for their appointments, as there are limitations to how our doctors can assess your medical needs over the phone. Gap fees apply for all telephone consults from Monday to Friday.  


Our staff will send SMS notifications or ring you when your test reports are available or when you are due for a clinical review with our doctors. It is your responsibility (as the patient) to arrange and return for follow-up with the doctor. Where it is urgent, our staff will contact you immediately by phone. 

Minor Procedures


For Iron Deficiency and/or Anaemia


- Initial consultation with one of our doctors (15mins)

- Recent iron studies blood test report (within the last 3 months)

- Separate booking for day procedure with GP and Nurse (45mins)


- Gap fee payable: $160

- No Medicare rebate


Contraceptive Implant Insertion and/or Removal


- Initial consultation with GP (15mins)

- Separate booking for procedure (30mins)


- Implanon insertion only: $110

- Implanon removal only: $120

- Implanon removal and insertion: $180


For plantar/hand warts


- Weekly treatments until warts are completely resolved 


- For 1 to 4 lesions           $10

- For 5 to 10 lesions         $20


For minor uncomplicated lesions 

Please note that these procedures are up to our doctors' discretion for existing patients only. Our doctors may choose not to perform the procedure and refer you on to a specialist for further management.


- Skin biopsy punch (one lesion): $90

- Skin excision: $125.30

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